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Tangible benefits of green infrastructure. Market development of urban wood. Urban forests generate resources of raw material from trimmings and removals - "urbanwood."

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Businesses that play a role in the urban or reclaimed wood industry, are listed here. You can add or edit your organization information in the directory.

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CA Hardwoods (check all that you use)
Alder Bay Blue Oak
CA Black Oak CA Buckeye
Catalina Cherry Coast Live Oak
Madrone Manzanita
Sycamore Tanoak
Valley Oak

Other Species (check all that you use)
Acacia Alder Ash
Basswood Beech
Birch Black Locust Box Elder
Camphor Cedar Elm
Eucalyptus Holly Oak
Jacaranda Lacewood
Magnolia Olive
Orchard Species Pepper
Pine Poplar Red Oak
Sweetgum Willow Zelkova

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