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Useful Publications and References

pdfState of Urban and Community Forestry in California - 1997
Also see pdfState of Urban Forestry in California - 1992
pdfA Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of California Oaks
pdfAir Quality and use of trees in SIPs
pdfAir Quality Planning - A Plan to Integrate Management of Urban Trees
pdfAssessing Canopy Cover Over Streets and Sidewalks in Street Tree Populations
pdfAvoiding Root Damage During Construction
pdfBenefits of Urban Street Trees
pdfBlack Pineleaf Scale, IPM of Midwest Landscapes
pdfBlack Stain Root Disease, USFS Management Notes
pdfBlue Oak Problems, Backyard Horticulture
pdfBlue Oak, Plant Health Care Program
pdfCalifornia Fivespined Ips
pdfCalifornia Forest Insect and Disease Training Manual
pdfCalifornia Invasive Plant Inventory 2006
California Oak Mortality Task Force
pdfCalifornia Urban Forestry Act of 1978
pdfCarbon and Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Sequestration in Urban Forest Products
Also see pdfCarbon and Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Sequestration in Urban Forest Products (full report)
pdfCedar Beetle, OSU Extension Service
Center for Watershed Protection
pdfCoast Redwood - Dieback and Decline - By Bruce Hagen
pdfCommunity Wildfire Protection Plan Handbook
pdfDiagnosis and Monitoring of Sudden Oak Death
pdfDouglas-Fir Beetle, FIDL 5
pdfDouglas-Fir Tussock Moth, FIDL 86
pdfDouglas-Fir Tussock Moth, ODF Health Note
pdfDwarf Mistletoe, USFS Management Notes
pdfEconomic Impacts of the US Green Industry
pdfElytroderma Disease, FIDL 42
pdfFir Engraver, FIDL 13
pdfFusarium Dieback of Avocado
pdfGold-spotted Oak Borer Field Identification Guide
pdfGold-spotted Oak Borer Tree Notes # 31
pdfGuideline Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality
pdfGuidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances
pdfGuidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances (1991)
pdfInventory of Tree Mortality in Southern CA Mountains due to Bark Beetle Impacts
pdfMadrona Management, Seattle Dept of Parks and Rec
pdfMaintaining the Diversity of California's Municipal Forests
pdfMistletoe information, UC Pest Notes Pub 7437
pdfMountain Area Safety Task Force, ESRI
pdfNorthern mountain and prairie community tree guide: benefits, costs and strategic planting.
pdfNursery Tree Production Strategies
pdfParking Lot Research Center for Urban Forest Research - Davis, CA
pdfPowdery mildew, Bartlett Tree Tech Report
pdfPruning Palm Trees
Public Response to Urban Forest in Inner-City Business Districts
pdfRecycling Municipal Trees
pdfRed Fomes Rot, Chapter 4
pdfRedwood Canker - By Bruce Hagen
pdfRestoring the Urban Forest Ecosystem
Also see Restoring the Urban Forest Ecosystem (website)
pdfSan Diego's Street Design Manual
Sawmilling Information
pdfScale, IPM for Landscape Professionals
pdfSix Methods to Get SIP Credit for Trees - Hitchcock
pdfSouthern California National Forests Land and Resource Management Plans
pdfSpruce Spider Mite, IPM of Midwest Landscapes
Storms Over the Urban Forest
Sudden Oak Death
pdfSudden Oak Death, by David M Rizzo and Matteo Garbelotto
pdfSudden Oak Death, Guidelines for Forestry -California Oak Mortality Task Force
pdfSudden Oak Death, Outlooks on Pest Management
pdfSudden Oak Death, USDA Pest Alert
pdfSudden Oak Death: Host plants, by David Rizzo
pdfSustainable Urban Forest Guide - Davey
pdfThe Forest Where Ashley Lives
pdfTree Care Information - English
pdfTree Care Information - Spanish
pdfTree guidelines for coastal Southern California communities.
pdfTree guidelines for Inland Empire communities.
pdfTree guidelines for San Joaquin Valley communities.
pdfTree Mortality from Gold-spotted Oak Borer
pdfTree Pruning Code Excerpt - CA Goverment
Trees and Subsidence
Treesearch - USDA FS Reasearch Publications
pdfUrban Ecosystem Analysis - San Diego, CA - Calculating the Value of Nature 2003
Also see pdfSan Diego Urban Ecosystem Analysis After the Cedar Fire - American Forests 2006
Urban Forestry South
Urban Tree Risk Management
Utilizing Municipal Trees
pdfWestern Washington and Oregon Community Tree Guide: Benefits, Costs, and Strategic Planting.
pdfWhat's up with the redwoods? By James Downer
pdfWhite Mottled Rot, USFS Management Notes
pdfYellow Brown Top Rot, USFS Management Notes

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