About Us

Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute at Cal Poly

Welcome to the Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute. We are based in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California.

The Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute (UFEI) was developed by the Natural Resources Management & Environamental Sciences (NRES) Department faculty to address the increasing need for improved management of the urban forests in California.

The purpose of the institute at Cal Poly is to provide a center for:
  1. Applied Research
  2. Extension and Technology Transfer
  3. Community Service and Outreach Programs assisting landowners and public agencies in improving the management of urban forests.

The scope of UFEI ranges across the full spectrum of forest settings -- from the inner-city forests to remote semi-developed forests. The institute is designed to work in co-operation with other universities, government agencies and even private consulting firms. Project work is accomplished through an interdisciplinary approach with the NRES Department representing the core group of disciplines at Cal Poly.
Casuarina cunninghamiana
Casuarina cunninghamiana