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Arbor Day Foundation - State Forestry Sites
pdfBenefits of Urban Street Trees
CA Integrated Waste Management Board/Grants
California Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program
California ReLEAF Grants
California Tree Failure Report Program
pdfCalifornia Urban Forestry Act of 1978
Center for Urban Horticulture - Univ. of Washington
Center for Watershed Protection
pdfCommunity Wildfire Protection Plan Handbook
Conservation Buffers: Design Guidelines for Buffers, Corridors, and Greenways
Also see (MS Excel Programs) 5.9MB
pdfEconomic Impacts of the US Green Industry
Fire Safe Council
Fire Safe Council Grants Clearing House
Fire Wise Communities
Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances
Metropolitan Tree Improvement Alliance
Mobile Community Tree Inventory (MCTI)
PG&E Vegetation Management
pdfSan Diego's Street Design Manual
Southern California Edison - Powerlines and Trees
Southern California Mountain Area Safety Taskforce
Street Tree Electronic Management System
Tree World Info
Trees and Transportation
Treesearch - USDA FS Reasearch Publications
Urban Forest Management Plan Toolkit
Urban Forestry at Florida Cooperative Extension
Urban Natural Resources Institute
Urban Tree Risk Management: A Community Guide to Program Design and Implementation

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Tree Selection / Identification

Allergy Free Gardening
Cal Fire - State Nurseries
California Native Plant LINK EXCHANGE
California Native Plant Society
Call 811 Before You Dig
CalPhotos - Univ of CA Berkeley
Dendrology at Virginia Tech
pdfGuideline Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality
pdfGuideline Specifications for Selecting, Planting, and Early Care of Young Trees
Nursery Guide for Oregon
pdfNursery Tree Production Strategies
Plant Right - California invasive information
Plants Database - USDA
Poisonous Plant Information Database - Cornell University
Poisonous Plants by Degree of Toxicity - Perdue Univ.
Pollinator Guides
San Diego Gas and Electric Tree Safety Program
SelecTree - A tree selection guide
Street Tree Seminar
Texas Tree Planting Guide
Tree Guides - Robert O'Brien
Tree Information and Reference Guide
Tree Species Distribution Maps for North America
Trees are Good
What Tree Is It?
Woody Plant Seed Manual - USFS

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Tree Care

Avoiding Root Damage During Construction
Cornell Structural Soils Website
Dig Alert
Healthy Roots and Healthy Trees
pdfHow to Prune Trees
pdfPruning Palm Trees
Root Problems
Silvics of North America
Tree Care Industry Association
Tree Tree information
pdfTree Pruning Code Excerpt - CA Goverment
Tree Root Damage
pdfTree Standards and Specifications for Tree Planting Grants
Urban Tree Risk Management
Watering Trees During Drought
Also see Save our Water and our Trees

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Tree Health

pdfA Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of California Oaks
pdfBark Beetle Repellant
Blister Rust, How to ID
pdfBlue Oak Problems, Backyard Horticulture
pdfBlue Oak, Plant Health Care Program
CA Agricultural Commissioners
CA Cooperative Extensions
California Department of Food and Agriculture
pdfCalifornia Forest Insect and Disease Training Manual
California Forest Pest Council
California Oak Mortality Task Force
California Oakworm, IPM Online
California-Laurel, USFS Silvics Manual
Carpenter ants, UC IPM Online
pdfCoast Redwood - Dieback and Decline - By Bruce Hagen
pdfDiagnosis and Monitoring of Sudden Oak Death
Dwarf Mistletoes - Forestry.about
Exotic beetle found in urban areas of Southern California
Forest Health and Protection
pdfFusarium Dieback of Avocado
Gold-Spotted Oak Borer
pdfGold-spotted Oak Borer Field Identification Guide
pdfGold-spotted Oak Borer Tree Notes # 31
Healthy Roots and Healthy Trees
How to Identify and Control Dogwood Anthracnose
Identification of Pitch Canker, Pitch Canker Task Force
pdfIdentifying Dead and Dying Conifers on Private Land in California
pdfMistletoe information, UC Pest Notes Pub 7437
pdfMistletoes on Hardwoods, FIDL 147
Needle Cast - Forestry.about
Pitch Canker Task Force
Red turpentine beetle - bark beetles
pdfRedwood Canker - By Bruce Hagen
pdfScale, IPM for Landscape Professionals
Sooty Mold ID and Control
pdfSudden Oak Death, by David M Rizzo and Matteo Garbelotto
pdfSudden Oak Death, Guidelines for Forestry -California Oak Mortality Task Force
pdfSudden Oak Death, Outlooks on Pest Management
pdfSudden Oak Death, USDA Pest Alert
pdfSudden Oak Death: Host plants, by David Rizzo
pdfTree Mortality from Gold-spotted Oak Borer
Tree Notes - By CDF on various pests and threats to forests.
Urban Soils Web Slide Show
pdfWestern Gall Rust, USFS
pdfWhat's up with the redwoods? By James Downer

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Wood Utilization

Action Tree & Timber -UrbanWood Listing
Almquist Lumber Company -UrbanWood Listing
Amador Sawmill -UrbanWood Listing
Arbor West Wood Products -UrbanWood Listing
Barrel Builders Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
Boicelli Cabinets Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
Byrne Sim & Wood Associates -UrbanWood Listing
California Combustibles -UrbanWood Listing
California Forests Products Commission
California Hardwood Producers Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
California Native Woods -UrbanWood Listing
California Urban Lumber -UrbanWood Listing
Chris' Custom Creations (CCC) -UrbanWood Listing
CitiLog -UrbanWood Listing
Claro Walnut Gunstock Company -UrbanWood Listing
Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker -UrbanWood Listing
CR Parquet Floors -UrbanWood Listing
Creative HardwoodsCompany -UrbanWood Listing
Cross Country Woods -UrbanWood Listing
Crossroads Recycled Lumber -UrbanWood Listing
Cut & Dried Hardwood -UrbanWood Listing
Daniel Logging & Milling -UrbanWood Listing
Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science and Marketing
DW Tucker Fine Woodworking -UrbanWood Listing
EBCC Urban Tree Mill -UrbanWood Listing
Edwards, Kyle -UrbanWood Listing
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber -UrbanWood Listing
ERA Forest Products, LLC -UrbanWood Listing
Estate Mill Work -UrbanWood Listing
Far West Forest Products -UrbanWood Listing
pdfForest Products Laboratory - Dry Kiln Operator's Manual
Forest Products Society Smallwood Presentations
Forestry Forum
Forkner, Brian -UrbanWood Listing
Geronimo Pole Co. -UrbanWood Listing
Green Waste Recycle Yard -UrbanWood Listing
Hawaii Forest Industry Association
Holme, Chris -UrbanWood Listing
Howell It Is -UrbanWood Listing
I.M. David Furniture -UrbanWood Listing
Idyllwild Lumber Mill, Inc -UrbanWood Listing
International Forest Products Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
J Miller Company -UrbanWood Listing
J.E. Higgins Lumber Company -UrbanWood Listing
Jackel Enterprises, Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
Jim Lacitignola Custom Cabinets & Woodwork -UrbanWood Listing
Jim's Cabinet Shop -UrbanWood Listing
Johnson, Chris -UrbanWood Listing
Johnson, Rich -UrbanWood Listing
Joinery Structures -UrbanWood Listing
Kennedy Cabinets -UrbanWood Listing
King Products/King Wood Turning -UrbanWood Listing
Lampros -UrbanWood Listing
Laserform Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
Logs to Lumber -UrbanWood Listing
Los Verdes Arborists -UrbanWood Listing
Love, John -UrbanWood Listing
Lumber 4U -UrbanWood Listing
Mendocino Specialty Lumber, OKO Lumber Company -UrbanWood Listing
Meyer's Turning Works -UrbanWood Listing
Milling About -UrbanWood Listing
Minka-Woodworks, Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
Monschein Industries -UrbanWood Listing
Newton Woods -UrbanWood Listing
Nilson Winter Construction -UrbanWood Listing
Norwood Industries
Oak Run Lumber Co.,LLC -UrbanWood Listing
Oakland Pallet Company -UrbanWood Listing
Oregon Wood Innovation Center
Pacific Coast Lumber -UrbanWood Listing
Palmer Creek Hand-Hewn Wood Products -UrbanWood Listing
Palomar College Woodworking Program
Paul Bunyan Mobile Saw Mill -UrbanWood Listing
Peterman Lumber Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
Petersen Enterprises -UrbanWood Listing -UrbanWood Listing
Purple Sage Woodshop -UrbanWood Listing
Pyramid Builders & Custom Milling -UrbanWood Listing
Ridgley Engineering, Inc. -UrbanWood Listing
Robert Beauchamp Woodworking -UrbanWood Listing
San Diego Urban Timber -UrbanWood Listing
Santa Cruz Wood -UrbanWood Listing
Sawmilling Information
Schaerer Exp -UrbanWood Listing
Smith, Brian -UrbanWood Listing
Stranger Furniture -UrbanWood Listing
Studio Robin -UrbanWood Listing
Sweetgum Urban Forestry -UrbanWood Listing
Tait, Will -UrbanWood Listing
Tamalpais Nature Works -UrbanWood Listing
The Wood Explorer
The Wood Works -UrbanWood Listing
This Old Wood Pile
TreeCycler -UrbanWood Listing
Tule Peak Timber -UrbanWood Listing
Turn of the Century Fine Arts -UrbanWood Listing
Upton's Millwork Services -UrbanWood Listing
Urban Logs to Lumber -UrbanWood Listing
Urban Wood Sales -UrbanWood Listing
UrbanWood Links
Vargas Furniture Manufacture Co. -UrbanWood Listing
Whitethorn Construction -UrbanWood Listing
Wood Finder
Wood From the Hood -UrbanWood Listing
Wood-Mizer California -UrbanWood Listing
Woodfirst Sustainable Enterprises -UrbanWood Listing
Woody's Urban Forestry Products -UrbanWood Listing
Yurok Tribe Forestry Program -UrbanWood Listing

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Arboretums and Gardens

Arbor Day Farm - Nebraska City, Nebraska
Balboa Park - San Diego, CA
BioPark Botanic Garden - Albuquerque, NM
Boething Treeland Farms - Lodi, CA
Cohn Arboretum - Baton Rouge, LA
Dallas Arboretum - Dallas, TX
Denver Botanical Gardens - Denver, CO
Filoli Gardens - Woodside, CA
Finch Arboretum - Spokane, WA
Gamble Garden - Palo Alto, CA
Hoyt Arboretum - Portland, OR
Huntington Botanical Gardens - San Marino, CA
LA County Arboretum - Arcadia, CA
Lotusland - Santa Barbara, CA
Louisiana State Arboretum - Ville Platte, LA
LSU Hilltop Arboretum - Baton Rouge, LA
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens - Fort Bragg, CA
National Arboretum - Washington, DC
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens - Claremont, CA
Red Butte Garden - Salt Lake City, UT
River Banks Botanical Garden - Columbia, SC
Roadside Arboretum - Fremont, CA
Sacramento State University Arboretum - Sacramento, CA
San Antonio Botanical Garden - San antonio, TX
San Diego Botanical Gardens - Encinitas, CA
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - Santa Barbara, CA
Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA
Strybing Arboretum - San Francisco, CA
The Living Desert - Palm Desert, CA
The Morton Arboretum - Lisle, IL
Tilden Regional Parks Botanical Garden - Berkeley, CA
UC Berkeley Botanic Garden - Berkeley, CA
UC Davis Arboretum - Davis, CA
UC Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA
UC Santa Cruz Arboretum - Santa Cruz, CA

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General Information

National Registry of Big Trees
Australia's Champion Trees
Benefits of Trees
British Isles Tree Register
California Big Trees
California Chaparral Field Institute
California Wildfire Location Viewer
Colorado Tree Coalition - Champion Trees
Connecticut's Notable Trees
EDF Chemical Scorecard
Georgia Champion Trees
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
Green Cities: Good Health
High Speed Rail Authoirty Grants
Human Dimensions in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening
Idaho Big Tree Program
Illinois Big Tree Register
Iowa Big Trees
Livestock for Landscapes
Los Angeles Urban Research Center
Maryland Big Tree Champions
Michigan Champion Trees
Minnesota Big Tree Resgistry
Missouri State Champion Trees
National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council
Nebraska Champion Tree Program
Nevada's Biggest Trees
New Jersey Big Tree Program
Ohio's Big Trees
Oregon Register of Big Trees
South Dakota Big Tree Register
Tennessee Champion Trees
Texas Big Tree Registry
Tree Biology Dictionary
Tree Fund
Urban Forestry and Your Home
Urban Forestry South
Urban Greening
Urban Heat Island Group
Urban Heat Island Project - Atlanta, GA - NASA/GHCC
Urban Heat Island, What is it?
Urban Horticulture Institute
Urban Tree Foundation
Virginia Big Tree Program
Water Use Efficiency
Wisconsin's Champion Trees

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