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Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute at Cal Poly

Nov 18, 2017

CAL FIRE is working with the California High Speed Rail Authority to offer $2.5 million in tree planting grants to communities that are in the vicinity of the first portion of the high-speed rail build.  The trees planted will provide for greenhou
Posted: Mar 8, 2017

High Speed Rail Authoirty Grants

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Central Coast Fall Meeting
San Luis Obispo, CA (25 Prado Rd.)
-- Dec 7, 2017

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SLO Arbor Day Laguna Lake Park -- Nov 4, 2017

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Urban Forester - Sacramento
-- posting ends Dec 26, 2017

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Planting Manager - FUF Posting
Removed on: Sep 12, 2017

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Palo Alto is now one of only 15 municipal programs in the United States accredited by the Society of Municipal Arborists.

Posted: Jan 3, 2017

pdf Palo Alto Accredited by SMA

Natural Resources Agency Releases Plan to Guide the State’s Climate Change Adaptation

Posted: Mar 10, 2016

Necessary Actions Described for Transportation, Housing, Energy, and Other Sectors. SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Following the Governor’s executive order last year establishing the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target in North America, the Natural Resources Agency today released a final plan for how California will prepare for the extreme effects of climate change, including increasingly extreme weather and sea level rise.

Safeguarding California

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Watering Trees During Drought

Posted: Aug 19, 2015

Don't let your trees die during drought conditions. As Californian's let their lawns go "gold" in efforts to conserve water, it is imparitive that the affected trees and shrubs be given supplemental water to survive.


Watering Trees During Drought
Save our Water and our Trees