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Scrub Oak
  • Quercus dumosa - Resistant to Verticillium. Susceptible to Coddling Moths, Oak Root Rot and Root Rot. Additional and expanded information listed below.

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Disease or Pest NameDescription of Disease or Pest

Oak root fungus
Armillaria mellea

Armillaria_melleaArmillaria cases reduced terminal growth and general decline in affected plants, As the Armillaria advances dieback of twigs and branches (most apparent in hardwoods) can occur. Crown symptoms include chl...

True Mistletoe
Phoradendron villosum

phoradendron_villosumTrue mistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant with developed stems and leaves. The infection causes swollen branches and brooming. Most infections start in the upper crown of the tree, since the plant i...

California oakworm
Phryganidia californica

phryganidia_californicaCalifornia oakworm is an important defoliating pest of ornamental coast live oak. Most years it is of little concern, but some years the damage is extensive. California oakworm seldom kills trees, but it...

Fruittree leafroller
Archips argyrospila

moth"Fruittree leafroller can be a serious pest throughout California. It occurs on a very large number of ornamental trees and is particularly damaging to deciduous and live oaks. Even if completely defoliate...

Gall wasp

Cynipidae_gallHundreds of species of gall wasps occur in the oaks in California. The female wasp deposits her egg in the plant tissue and the plant produces the gall around the developing wasp. They generally do not d...